Sake made by your hands tastes delicious!

The "Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad" program is a "brewer's experience" in which you can experience the real sake brewing process at a sake brewery and receive "freshly pressed sake" at home that you made by yourself.



Just like a real brewer!

A serious sake brewing experience that can only be done here!
Even the inside that is off-limits except for brewers!?
Enough to bathe in the charm of sake ♪

Enjoy super fresh sake!

Enjoy freshly squeezed sake that can only be tasted at sake breweries!
An elegant lunch in a sake brewery♪
Test your tongue sensitivity!

Sake like my child is at home!

"Freshly squeezed sake" that you have been involved in making will be delivered to your home!
Homemade sake is delicious!

Original label/engraving processing

There is also an option to give the sake you made yourself as a special souvenir with original label design / engraving processing.

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Depending on the sake brewery, it is held from November to April of the following year.

After the experience, it will be shipped to your home about 1-2 months later.

①Please do not eat natto, natto-based dishes, mandarin oranges, or yogurt on the day before and on the day of the sake brewing experience.

2. Do not use perfumes, cosmetics with strong fragrances, or hair styling products.

③ Cut your nails short and remove any manicures or gel nails before participating.

④During the sake brewing experience, please refrain from bringing in items that may fall, such as accessories and mobile phones.

⑤ Please follow the instructions of the employees during work, as it may cause an accident.

⑥Please note that you cannot drink alcohol if you drive a car yourself.

⑦The brewery wants people to know about the sake brewing process, so they have specially allowed us to enter the brewery and experience the sake brewing process. Please join us so that you don't forget that feeling.

Please come in clean and easy-to-move clothes.

We do not rent work clothes, so please bring your own.


・Towel for wiping sweat

・ Outerwear that is easy to put on and take off, such as fleece or jersey for cold weather

・Clean indoor shoes (boots are recommended)

・Hat (cap, knit hat, etc.)

●Request for temperature measurement

On the day, please be sure to measure the temperature before departure. If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, please cancel. You will be charged a cancellation fee based on our cancellation policy.

Thorough hand-washing and mask-wearing

Please wear a mask at all times in the brewery. (Please cooperate with bringing a mask.)

● Regarding cancellation due to the influence of the new corona

Due to the influence of the new corona, the experience may be canceled. In that case, we will refund 100%, so please do not worry.

●Reservation deadline

Please make a request at least 7 days before the trial date.

●Cancellation policy

4 days before: 0%

3 to 2 days before: 50% of the reservation fee

The day before to the day: 100% of the reservation fee

Cancellation without notice: 100% of the reservation fee

Please be sure to contact us in case of cancellation.

We will process the refund after you contact us.

Experienced person's impression

I thought I wouldn't be able to touch various things, but I participated because I could actually experience sake brewing (hand in hand). It has become easier to approach sake breweries, and my image has changed significantly in a good way. I wondered if it would be possible to make good use of old tools (okes, etc.) that are no longer used in sake breweries. I feel that it is a waste to be splendid.

Woman in her 20s/Study abroad @ Totsuru Sake Brewery

Everyone in the warehouse was friendly and easy to talk to, so I was healed! The president is also an interesting person, and I'm glad that he seems to be enjoying himself. I was surprised that they accepted outsiders. Even if there are parts that need to be taken care of, I think they are surprisingly flexible. Manpower work in the present age. I expected it, but I was surprised and at the same time I felt relieved (laughs).

Male in his 40s / Destination @ Yano Sake Brewery

What was especially good about participating was that the time was set according to the preparation time of the brewery, so I was able to have a more realistic experience! By experiencing sake brewing, is it delicious to drink until now? I was only thinking about it, but by drinking while thinking and feeling the background, I became able to enjoy sake even more.

Male in his 40s / Destination @ Amabuki Sake Brewery

I participated because I wanted to make sake, but the sake I drank while thinking that it was delicious somehow became more important to me when I learned the thoughts of the brewers. I think it must have been quite a challenge to be able to go not only on a tour but also to actually enter the building site. Thank you very much for your valuable experience.

Female in her 20s/Study abroad @ Wakatakeya Sake Brewery
our thoughts

Why did you start a real sake brewery study abroad?
Current status and future vision of the sake industry,
We write down the thoughts that we cherish.

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Regarding liquor sales

We do not sell alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 20.
drinking is not allowed before 20.

Drunk driving is prohibited by law.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding
It may affect the development of fetuses and infants.

Drink deliciously and in moderation. Recycling after drinking.